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Picture if you will, a “Blues driven car” driving toward a “Rockabilly driven car” speeding toward each other ending in a head-on collision of musical excitement.

The Boa Constrictors are basically Detroit Blues band with a Rockabilly twist, making them very unique.These guys have a true Detroit pedigree. When you go to a Boa Constrictors show, you are hearing PURE Detroit music with a PURE Detroit attitude.

Members of the Boa Constrictors have been fortunate to share the stage and to open shows for Smokin’ Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Luther Allison, Junior Wells, Sugar Blue, Charlie Musselwhite, Jason Ricci, and the legendary Motown session-band, the Funk Brothers, as well as acting as backing musicians for ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jeremy Spencer, John Watkins, and British Blues Artist, Bex Marshall.

Detroit music has it's own distinctive style. It is very greasy, grimy, and lowdown. It's industrial sound evolved from Delta Blues with the northern migration for factory jobs during Detroit's industrial revolution. It's birthplaces and homes in Detroit were Paradise Valley and Hastings Street.

Our main course recipe comes from the legendary harmonica bands of Little Walter, Jerry Portnoy, Junior Wells, Paul Butterfield, and Sonny Boy Williamson (1 and 2). We also throw in a dash of Rockabilly for a unique Detroit flavor.

We have a heaping helping of Detroit Blues influence as well. The members of our band have played with legendary Detroit artists like Billy Davis, The Sharecroppers of Soul, Lazy Lester, Little Junior Cannaday, the Butler Twins, Harmonica Shah, Sir Mack Rice, and Uncle Jesse White.  

Each and every member of the Boa Constrictors brings their unique life experiences to the stage, both musically and personally. From large festival venues, to the smallest juke-joint, our shows are always spontaneous, energetic, loads of fun, and full of the ingredients that make Detroit music one of the most exciting American musical art forms.

Please come and enjoy an original Detroit musical history lesson with us.


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