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You guys sounded AWESOME..........
Bartender - Firehouse Pub

You guys put on a great show and the crowd LOVED IT!

Club Owner - Cadiuex Cafe

Thanks so much! You and the band always put on a great show! Fun night!

Todd Starks - O’Mara’s Irish Pub

You guys were AWESOME and did an amazing job on stage. The guests really loved it.
Andrea Coronado - The Judson Center

“You guys were great !”
Thornetta Davis - Detroit’s Queen of the Blues

“I just saw you perform at the Westland blues fest. We showed up and you were playing. Watched you to the end. You guys sounded really great. “
Leon Moeller - Blues, Brews, and BBQ Patron

“my jaw is sore from the 1-2 punch delivered last night”
Mark Arwood - Callahan’s Patron

“the Boa Constrictors will be back many more times - very talented and a great show”
Jim Jones, Owner - SloBones BBQ Smoke Haus

“you guys are AMAZING.......”
Mike Blaha, Owner - Chip’s Pizza and More

“A BIG Thank You to the Boa Constrictors! You guys were awesome!!! Can't wait to have you back!”
Owner - Ringer’s Pub and Grub

“I saw you at the Westland Blues, Brews and BBQ this weekend and just wanted you to know what a great performance you gave and I even put in a good word with the mayor for next year, I hope you can come back.
Janet Masse

...” thank you for a great show - your band is incredible! I so look forward to working with you again. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun!”
Tony - Owner, Steverino’s Pizza

You guys were SMOKIN' last night! Sounded Great!
Kathleen Murray - The Groove Council

Loved playin’ wit u guys....look forward to doing it again!

The Paz-Man - WCSX Personality

You gents were fantastic and with 6 musicians on stage that was a jam and a half for The Blues !!
Mark S. Weaver - Callahan’s Patron

Steve! Great band...
Jim O'Brien - WCSX Personality

“You guys were great! Thanks for the great performance!”
Phasefest Promoter, Randy

What a Band! I think you know we were extremely happy with how the party went and the music, but thought you  would not mind hearing it again.  One of our friends said about our August 6 anniversary bash, "This must be the 'party of the year'". Thanks for helping us to celebrate!
Dolly and Rich Arksey

“Saw the Boa Constrictors yesterday in St. Louis. They were rockin' the blues!”
Gretchen Gohsman via Facebook

“.......Great music at Midwest BBQ and blues-The Boa Constrictors blues band - OMG, these guys rocked the house I mean OMG, OMG!!!!!!!”
Frank Grisi via Facebook

“You guys are AWESOME - what a great evening of music and fun.”
Callahan’s Music Hall Patron

“DAMN...........You guys are STRONG!!!!!!!”
Ken Calvert - WCSX Personality

"Thanks for making it so tough on the old man to follow you guys - Callahan's is always a fun gig and you guys sounded real good!”
Charlie Musselwhite

"I came to Callahan's for Charlie Musselwhite, but I came away equally as impressed with The Boa Constrictors."
John Ripper - Callahan's Guest

"What a whale of a show - tons of energy.........."
Riverside Blues Festival Patron

"........remind me to never go on stage after you, again"
Minard Shattuck-Mt. Pleasant Blues Festival

"You drew and kept the single largest Sunday crowd that we have had in many months - great job guys!"
Manager - Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak

Just wanted to tell you that you guy's kicked ass Saturday. I really enjoyed the show, also thank you for getting Johnny up on stage his mom told me it is all he has talked about for the past 2 days. Hope you enjoyed the BBQ as much as I enjoyed having Blues in Flint again !
Chef Carl - Flint BBQ Chef

"Wow - so proud to know we have a great local Blues Band , the show was awesome !!"

Debbie Hickmott - Casa Real Patron

"You hit another one right out of the park! A great night of music!"
Ted Boomer - Canadian Blues Museum

"Wow what a high energy gig. A great Blues Harmonica player backed up by a group of veteran bluesman known as the Boa Constrictors. They were tight and amped up. I gotta tell you people you missed a good show. A mix of orginal and standards made it a toe tapping, rump shakin’ evening."
Bill Streety - Guy Hollerin's Guest

"we drove 40 miles to see you again......"

Casa Real' Guests in Oxford

"you guys are awesome-great Blues music played the REAL way"
Dryden Fall Festival Guests

"We really enjoyed the Boa Constrictors at Callahan's!"
Guy Boike and Kris Ciesliga - Callahan's Guests

"Loved your show :)"
Derek Cilibraise - Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival Guest

"I am glad I finally got to see you guys - it was worth the wait."
Ann Hubbarth - Detroit Blues Society Volunteer

"...you guys just get better and better each time"
Mike Moss - Owner of Callahan's Music Hall

"YOU ROCKED!!!! I was there for  the set- thanks for playing for us."
Marla Schwartz - Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival Entertainment Director

"OMG, what energy and showmanship"
Angie - Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival Guest

"You guys were the hit of the show....."
Unidentified Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival Guest

"Treat yourself to a very special brand of blues by seeing The Boa Constrictors in concert"
Wolfgang Spider - Freelance Writer and Contributor to the DBS Bluesnotes

"Your band sounded great in Shepherd!"
Robert Barclay - Host of Juke Joint on WCMU-FM

"Unbelieveable - you guys are a ton of fun and great musicians to boot!"
Robin Demiglio-Oxford Concerts in the Park Chair

"Your band is excellent - far beyond any normal expectations"
Madonna VanFossen-Oxford Downtown Developement Authority - Executive Director"

"You guys put on a great show.... take care and we will see you again, very soon!"
Minard Shattuck-Shepherd Blues and BBQ

"You guys were outstanding at Bluesfest International and I was excited to see you on the bill here - that is why I came!"
Unidentified Shepherd Blues and BBQ Patron

“you guys are awesome!”

Wailin’ Dale of the Alligators

"You hit one right out of the park! You will be back!"
Ted Boomer - Executive Director of Bluesfest international

"......what a great set - TOTALLY AWESOME!"

Scott Allman - Host of Capitol City Blues Cruise on WMMQ-FM

....”you guys were kickin' ”
Mark Pasman - Host of the Motor City Blues Project on WCSX-FM

....”you guys just plain rock! I will see you in September at Callahan’s”
Jason Ricci - Jason Ricci and New Blood

“ a refreshing treat of authentic, original Blues with a modern twist...”

Wolfgang Spider from The Detroit Blues Society

“some of the best old-school Blues that I have heard in a long time...”
Charlie Musselwhite

“ you guys were tight, flawless, and a pleasure to play with”

Jeremy Spencer, ex-Fleetwood Mac Guitarist


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